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Friday, March 12, 2021

Commander in Sleep!


Letter to the Editor, March 12, 2020

Thank you again for your morning edition of the Wuhan Chronical, uhh, I mean The Detroit News, more of the hard hitting journalism I have come to expect from you commie lovers. If I sound bitter today, well, I am not, I am merely pointing out the obvious. I have been to a couple of sites prior to yours and it would seem that you all just take the same AP crap articles and run them on your sites, word for word. Talk about lazy. Again, thanks for that hard hitting home grown journalism, without you I would not know what to do or believe.

Above the fold, which most folks will only look at, is a scintillating as usual with the in-depth and hard hitting investigative opinions, as follows: Only for subscribers “Meet the unsung heroes you likely haven’t heard of during Wuhan” I can only speculate on this article, so I am not really doing anything that these hard hitting opinion writers don’t do, but I am sure it is about this little girl who has some how overcome our systemic racist white privileged system to beat this virus.

Who could not just eat up the commercial for rocket mortgage, who, in all their billions of dollars they make, still manage to get free press by naming rights for the Michigan State basketball team. In our sell out culture they are going to be known as MSU Sponsored by Rocket Mortgage, how awful.

I do see that the biased news has a critical article about the State Senate authorizing suit against our granny killing governor, again, she wants complete control of everything without input from our duly elected legislators. But your news outfit is only slamming the Republicans, not your dear granny killer so no surprise here.

In one of my favorite articles of the day is the one on “Defying rules, anti-vaccine accounts still thrive on social media.” Well true to form you editors have slid a great propaganda piece in and you keep pushing the suppression of free thought and debate of people who have legitimate concerns about taking a vaccine that was rushed into market without any long term studies. It is one of those AP hit pieces that I mentioned above. The authors of this hit piece are both rabid anti-Trumpers and blue to the bone democrats, so, I am quite sure they were neutral and objective in their drafting of the article. But, regardless, thank you for keeping me well informed on the exact opposite of what I need to do. To quote from he piece, “People using social media have really been able to share what they want for nearly a decade.” The horror! Sharing thoughts and different opinions shocks these journalists!!

And last, but not least is your ball licking piece about the Commander in Sleep, Joe. I almost got diabetes from reading this article, it is so sugary sweet, Joe save us all from this evil Trump, Um, uh, Wuhan virus. I like how he is going to make everyone “eligible” for the vaccine! I thought just being alive and an American citizen had us automatically eligible, but hell what do I know. In between pudding cups and his mashed bananas’ maybe he can muster a state of the union address. You know the speech that has been been done since my grandfather’s grandfather was a kid by every commander in chief; you remember, like the speech last year when Ice Cream Pelosi stood behind Trump and ripped up her copy his speech.

So, in closing of this letter I would like to thank you for your hard hitting investigative reporting in today’s paper. It warms my soul to know that while I am sleeping, the very fabric of our society and once great country is being transformed into a babbling collective of germophobic beta males hiding udder their beds.

The Chazzer!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor, Thursday, March 11, 2021

I write this to you in question of your morning edition of the “Free Press”, as it were. I thank you for some of the local coverage, such as the girl who lost her thumbs at a school explosion, I am glad to see she will be okay, but her hitchhiking will be compromised. Your continued coverage of the China Flu, and all its offshoots is as expected. I am not sure what a vaccine card is, other than I have one for my kids that keeps track of the tried and true ones that we have had for years, I don’t recall a recent polio case. But then, I would not expect to see any of those reported in the “Free Press”, since it is not good click bait, and does not really hurt any Republicans. I am not sure if I would “post” a card showing I was vaccinated against the China Flu anyway, is that some kind of social check mark, to prove that you are part of the it crowd. I guess if you are worried about scammers getting a look at it, then it must be.

I see that for subscribers, you get the headline “Make the vaccine the price of admission to public life” I am guessing since I am not a premium subscriber that the article revolves around the logic that if you do not get vaccinated, you should be shunned from all outside social interaction and freedoms. As the commie rag you are that would fit right along the party line you spew daily on the “Free Press.”

I see you are covering a “walk” to honor the love ones killed by your Governor and her orders to send sick folks back to nursing homes, although I do not see any front page coverage of that issue, nope, no one at the “Free Press” seems to think that is of any importance, not even enough to look into it, ask tough questions, nope not that important. You are however pleading with the Genocide Gov to let more people into the Tigers games, as if she has any say over what a private non-governmental venue can or cannot do, but you good little corporate minions will tow the line, and beg and plead, good luck.

Again above the fold, to use a term from your industry, you have a story about a chef from Laos, Laos, is that even still a country? Anyway, the Chef tells of his pains of hunger, he fled Laos to come to Detroit, man, I suppose he wanted to have it worse, well good luck to him. And please make sure you keep this story alive and check in with him next year, I am sure all those dead grannies will be eager to know how the Chef from Laos is doing.

As some sort of death count, but for businesses, you have “One year later” list of dead businesses, again, no dead grannies at the hand of your governor, but again, that is not important, because Major Magic’s is gone! The horror!!

I am not even going to open the food fighters article, I already know it is a waste of time, still no dead grannies stories as I scroll down.

Lastly, above the fold, is what “experts” are predicting for the recovery after the forced economic collapse brought on by granny killer, but alas, that is only for the privileged subscribers. So I can only speculate that there are some maybe’s and if’s and a wear a mask or some other useless China Flu stats in there.

So in closing, thank you for bringing me the most hard hitting and in-depth stories on missing thumbs and Chef’s from Laos today.


The Chazzer!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Side of the Armpit

"The 34-year-old was shot in the side of his armpit"  what is a side of an armpit? This is a line quoted in a story on Channel 4 Detroit's website. Really, side of the armpit. 

Friday, August 12, 2016